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Texas Public
Finance Authority

(512) 463-5544   300 W. 15th St., Suite 411   Austin, TX 78701

Compact with Texans

The Texas Public Finance Authority (the “TPFA”) provides cost-effective capital financing for capital projects and equipment acquisitions to certain state agencies and institutions of higher education, as specified by the Legislature. The TPFA strives to provide the lowest cost financing in the most efficient manner possible to meet the financing needs of its client agencies.

Bond Financing:
The TPFA issues revenue bonds, general obligation bonds, and other forms of debt obligations such as commercial paper for the specific agencies and projects that have been authorized by the Legislature. For information on the bond issuance process and ongoing bond administration and disclosure, please contact Lee Deviney,  Executive Director, at (512) 463-5544, or visit our website

Master Lease Purchase Program:
The Master Lease program is available to state agencies and institutions of higher education to finance equipment and real property. For information on the Master Lease program, please contact Lee Deviney,  Executive Director or Matthew Berry,  Master Lease Purchase Program Coordinator, at (512) 463-5544, or visit our website

The TPFA will strive to provide the highest quality work product and service to our client agencies and the persons with which we conduct business. We will conduct operations in a manner that encourages the professional and personal development of our employees, displays the highest ethical standards and promotes effective relationships with our customers and the public finance community.

The TPFA has adopted the following agency-specific performance standards for customer service:

• Produce a high quality work product with complete and accurate information;
• Respond to requests for information promptly and accurately, if possible within five business days;
• Be professional and courteous in dealing with state agencies and members of the public;
• Return phone calls and e-mails promptly, if possible within one business day; and,
• Be available and on-time for appointments and meetings.

The TPFA welcomes its customers’ suggestions and will promptly respond to any complaint received. Communications to the TPFA may be forwarded to the following address:

Texas Public Finance Authority
Attention: Executive Director
P.O. Box 12906
Austin, TX 78711-2047
(512) 463-5544

The TPFA values its customers opinions pertaining to our performance and are pleased to make this "Compact with Texans".

Requests under the Public Information Act should be addressed to:

Texas Public Finance Authority
Attention: General Counsel
P.O. Box 12906
Austin, TX 78711-2047
(512) 463-5544

For additional information regarding public information requests, please see TPFA's Public Information Act web page.